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Free Graphic Design

Order 5,000 brochures, catalogs, business cards, flyers, or any other CDESIGNS print marketing product, and we’ll design it for FREE.*

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Let CDESIGNS create your new website and receive $100 off your purchase.

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Web Design

You’ve probably come across a website that had a really cool design but was hard to navigate, or a site that had very clear navigation, but it didn’t in any way pique your interest. How many sites have you encountered that disappointed you when you started reading the content? For an affordable price, CDESIGNS offers a dream web design team. Our sites are designed by a talented, professional graphic designer, coded by a skilled programmer, and proofed by a skilled copywriter.


We build custom and template-based WordPress websites. Our web design begins with an introductory call or meeting to gather your wish list for your site. We will ask about your competitors and websites you admire, so we can match or exceed your expectations and the expectations of your customers in every way possible.


We’ll create the navigational framework for your site, establishing how many pages the site will need, and what features/functionality it needs to contain. We’ll discuss the content (the words for each page). We’ll incorporate web page design and imagery. We’ll present the web design to you first in pdf format for review and approval. Once approved, we’ll develop your website in a “sandbox” environment, where you’ll have the opportunity to see how the site will function before it goes “live.”


There are many variables that go into quoting a web design, but a basic 10-page site will run about $3600.


Hosting & Full-Service Maintenance


We will host your site and maintain it. Our Hosting and Maintenance service includes:


• Your domain name registration
• Unlimited emails
• Unlimited email storage space
• Reliable high-performance hosting with unmetered bandwidth
• Unlimited website space
• Spam filtering
• Site-lock security
• Site backup
• Up to 2 hours of “use-it-or-lose-it” website maintenance per month for any updates you may need to make to your site.
• Regular WordPress plugin and CMS software updates. (If these are not installed timely and  properly, it can lead to security breaches and down time.)




About SEO


Is it all smoke and mirrors? Our take: Yes and No. There is important SEO work that should be done at the time your site is constructed. If your business offers a relatively static product or service, we don’t see much benefit to an ongoing monthly SEO service. We do recommend implementing a blog to keep fresh, relevant content on your site, and working to build links back and forth between your site and other quality websites, as well as to your social networks.


If you are a trendy fashion house and your customers are searching for the latest new term in fashion each week, monthly SEO is more relevant.


Our one-time SEO package includes:


• Keyword Research – i (We will research what keywords and key phrases people are searching for  in connection with your site and place them in the quantity and context that search engines like.)
• Creation of Meta Tags – i  (Meta tags provide a short description of what your company is about. We’ll create a focused, relevant description and keyword tags for your website.)
• Creation of a Canonical URL – i (you can increase visitor traffic when your site pulls up under both as well as However, search engines will split these visitors into two groups. The split lowers your ranking. Establishing one canonical url gets around this problem. It allows your site to respond to both urls, but will make it clear that one is preferred.)
• Title Tag Optimization – i (The value of a <title> tag is often displayed in search engine results. When a site is designed, these titles default to programming jargon. For example, a visitor might see something like this: “Blog Name>>Post Title.” Optimizing titles involves going in and changing these titles to something more compelling for visitors to see, such as “Video Surveillance Products.”
• Security – i (We will add a security measure to protect your site from hackers who backlink (add) their content to your site to increase their search engine ranging while lowering yours.)
• Set up Google Analytics – i (you can use Google Analytics to receive free reports with insights about your web traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.)
• Set up Google Webmaster Tools – i (This is another free service that provides you with detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google.)


Remember that the volume of traffic going to your site will also play a large role in your rankings, so promote, promote, promote!




If you are a business that needs ongoing SEO keyword research we can tailor a plan for you.