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Free Graphic Design

Order 5,000 brochures, catalogs, business cards, flyers, or any other CDESIGNS print marketing product, and we’ll design it for FREE.*

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CDESIGNS appreciates our loyal customers.

If one of your friends places an order with CDESIGNS, we’ll send you a coupon good for 25% off your next CDESIGNS print order. Your friend will also receive 25% off their first CDESIGNS print order.

Be sure your friend tells us YOU sent them, so we can be sure to send you your reward!

There’s no limit to the number of 25% off coupons you can earn, so please tell all your friends about us!

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Get $100 Off a Website Design

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Let CDESIGNS create your new website and receive $100 off your purchase.

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Is your business taking advantage of today’s marketing methods to get the word out? Receive our free, comprehensive Marketing Self-Evaluation Quiz and find out! Just type “Quiz Me” in the subject line of an email to

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Direct Mail

Have you noticed you’re no longer receiving direct mail advertising at home? Of course not! That’s because it continues to be a relevant marketing method. Use it to reach consumers who trust and prefer this method of advertising. Promote your URL and use QR codes on your mail pieces to drive traffic to your website.

CDESIGNS can design, print, and mail your direct mail marketing pieces. We offer targeted (going to specific addresses) and saturation (blanketing an area) mail services.

If you would like to do a saturation mailing to a radius around your location or to specific neighborhoods or zip codes, take advantage of the recently lowered USPS Every Door Direct Mail postage rate. You can mail a large postcard, a brochure, and many other types of marketing materials for just 17.7 cents! You can even mail up to a 20-page catalog for just 17.7 cents!

We charge $30/thousand pieces to handle the processing for you. This includes bundling, completing all the required paperwork, and post office drop-off.

Plus for a limited time, if you print more than 5,000 of any of our print marketing materials, we’ll design it for you for FREE!

Reach more customers! Call 800-378-0944 to discuss your direct mail campaign today.